What is Dominion?

Dominion is a BDSM play party for men age 21+. We host 60+ men doing all sorts of consensual acts of bondage, sadomasochism, and domination/submission.


Where is Dominion?

We keep the location and timing of the events private for our members.


Do I have to register for every event?

No.  Once you are a member, you are automatically on the approved invite list.


What are the requirements of membership?

When you fill out the form on the membership page, you will be asked to provide a social media presence or the email of a member who can vouch for you.


Can I become a member at the door the day of the event?



Can I bring a friend?

If they are not a member, no.


Do I need a vaccination card?



Are there lockers?

Yes, but you have to provide your own lock.


How much does the event cost?



What are the rules?

Please visit our dungeon rules page.